University of Mississippi

Prospective Students

Ph.D. in Economics

The Ph.D. in economics is designed for students of exceptional ability who wish to do advanced work in preparation for careers in university teaching and research, or as staff specialists in business, government, or research organizations. The course of study is more expansive in scope and is of greater depth than the master’s program, with programs individualized to fit each student’s interest and background. Emphasis in the program is placed on the development of the student’s capacity to analyze economic problems and to do original research.

The requirements for the Ph.D. in economics are at least 54 graduate hours beyond the bachelor’s degree or at least 30 approved graduate hours beyond the master’s degree. Each student must meet the core requirements for the M.A. degree (below) and present credit in Econ 614, 628,629, 630, and 631.

Each student must pass written comprehensive exams in macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics. The micro and macro exams are given in January of the second year in the program. The econometrics exam is given in the summer following the second year in the program.

After the student has passed the comprehensive exams, a dissertation prospectus must be successfully defended. After the dissertation is written, a final oral defense culminates the student’s doctoral program at the university.

M.A. in Economics

The M.A. in economics degree prepares students for doctoral studies in economics or business, for teaching positions at community colleges, or for careers as professional economists in business or government as researchers or policy analysts. The focal point of the program is the development of understanding of fundamental theories of micro- and macroeconomic behavior; development of necessary analytical skills for
economic problem solving and empirical testing; and exposure to current economic research.

The M.A. in economics requires 30 hours of graduate credit, including Econ 604 (or 629), 605, 606, and 609. A total of 9 hours in finance (Fin634 and two 500-level courses) may be applied toward the M.A. degree. Alternately, 6 hours may be taken in mathematics, history, political science, computer science, MIS/POM, or marketing. A student may opt for a thesis, which constitutes 6 hours. A final comprehensive examination is required of all students during the last enrollment period.

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