University of Mississippi

Researching a Prospective Company

Before you go to an interview you should find out some information about the prospective company. In doing so you will be in a better position to ask intelligent questions. This not only makes you look good (you cared enough to find out something about the employer) but you will learn about the aspects of the company that are most important to you.

The first place to start is the company web page (if they have one.) Make sure that you mention having looked at the web site during the interview. Companies spend a lot of money putting these web sites together so they will be interested in knowing what was most and least useful about it. Giving them meaningful feedback is one way to make an impression.

If you are interviewing with a publicly held company you can get a copy of the annual report from the PR department or find a copy in a library. Also do a search in the library to see what the papers have been reporting about the company. If there is a big change or other big story you will want to be up on the details before the interview.

Here is a web base site you might find useful doing your research:

Hoovers Online has information on companies as well as other career building resources.