University of Mississippi

Seminar Series

The Department of Economics Seminar Series takes place at 2:30 p.m. Fridays in Conner Hall 113.

FALL 2014

September 12
“The effect of homeownership on unemployment: Outcomes and implications”
George Mawuli Akpandjar, University of Mississippi

September 19
“Are You Hiring Johnny Football or Johnny Doe? The Effects of Uncertain Labor Quality on Employer Monopsony in College Football”
Matthew Makofske, University of Mississippi

September 26
“Does Religiosity Matter to People’s Generosity and Their Responsiveness to Charitable Solicitation?”
Yan Li, University of Mississippi

October 10
“Collateral Damage: Housing, Entrepreneurship, and Job Creation”
Ryan Decker, University of Maryland

October 17
“Insider Trading and the 2008 Stock Market Crash”
Harlan Holt, University of Mississippi

October 24
“War, Money, and Economy: Economic Performance in the Fed and pre-Fed Periods”
Thomas Hogan, Troy University

November 14
“The Impact of Contracting-out Student Transportation on Costs”
Conrad Puozaa, University of Mississippi

December 5
“Analysis of Excess Zeros, Sample Selection, and Endogenous Binary Indicator in an Ordinal Response Outcome Model, with an Application to First Marriage, Smoking and Drinking”
Lateef Subair, University of Mississippi


February 20
“Treatment Choice Dynamics with Insurance Mandates: The Case of In Vitro Fertilization”
Juan Pantano, Washington University in St. Louis

February 27
Roger Farmer, UCLA

March 20
Eric Sims, University of Notre Dame

April 24
Matej Drev, Georgia Tech

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