University of Mississippi

Seminar Series

The Department of Economics Seminar Series takes place at 2:30 p.m. Fridays in Conner Hall 113.

Fall 2016

October 7
“Are Supply Shocks Contractionary at the ZLB? Evidence from Utilization-Adjusted TFP Data”
Robert Lester, Colby College

October 21
“Autocratic Rule and Social Capital: Evidence from Imperial China”
Mark Koyama, George Mason University

November 11
“The Simplest Rational Greater-Fool Bubble Model”
Feng Liu, University of Mississippi

Spring 2017

February 17
“A Simple Dynastic Economy with Parental Time Investment in Children’s Patience”
Hyun Park, Kyung Hee University

February 24
Alexandros Vasios-Sivvopoulos, University of Mississippi

March 31
Jeremiah Wills, University of Mississippi

April 7
Julio Garin, University of Georgia

April 21
Warren Lewis, Census Bureau

More, TBA…

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