University of Mississippi

Seminar Series

The Department of Economics Seminar Series takes place at 2:30 p.m. Fridays in Conner Hall 113.

FALL 2014

October 10
Ryan Decker, University of Maryland

October 24
Thomas Hogan, Troy University


March 20
Eric Sims, University of Notre Dame

FALL 2013

September 13
Carl Kitchens, University of Mississippi

September 20
“Payment Generosity and Physician Acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid Patients”
Christopher Brunt, Georgia Southern University

September 27
“Interest on Reserves, Settlement, and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy”
Josh Hendrickson, University of Mississippi

October 4
“Immigration Policy and Counterterrorism”
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

November 1
“An Alternative to CAPM”
John Conlon, University of Mississippi

November 8
“A Poll Tax by any Other Name: The Political Economy of Disenfranchisement in the Post-Reconstruction South”
Randall Walsh, University of Pittsburgh

November 15
“Implementing Stochastic Semi-Nonparametric Tests for Weak Separability to Define Money: An Empirical Study on U.S. Data”
Ryan Mattson, Rhodes College

December 6
“Cryptocurrencies, Network Effects, and Switching Costs”
William Luther, Kenyon College


March 19
Nicolas Ziebarth, University of Iowa

March 28
“Alternative Tests for Correct Specification of Conditional Predictive Densities”
Tatevik Sekhposyan, Bank of Canada

April 4
“Culture and the Cost of Contract Enforcement”
Claudia Williamson, Mississippi State University

April 11
“It’s Getting Hot in Here: The Effects of Ambient Temperature on Seasonal Birth Rates”
Alan Barreca, Tulane University

April 25
“Scarce Collateral, the Term Premium, and Quantitative Easing”
Stephen Williamson, Washington University in St. Louis

May 2
“The Effects of Minimum Salaries on Career Length: Evidence from the National Football League”
Johnny Ducking, North Carolina A&T

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