University of Mississippi

What to Tell Your Parents About Why Economics is a Good Choice for Your Major!

1.  Economics Majors Get Good Jobs

The best majors graduating in 2001-02 will earn up to $55,000 with average students earning around $35,000.  Most students who take their job search seriously get a number of interviews and several job offers.

2.  It Doesn’t Matter Whether You are in the College of Business or Arts & Sciences

Dr. Wolcott, the Undergraduate Director, asks all of the employers who come to campus which they prefer – most of them tell her they don’t care at all.

3.  Economics is a Technical Major

It is not a degree in basketweaving.  Economics majors are trained in data analysis, policy evalulation, business management and a host of other skills that are valuable to employers.

4.  Majors Get the Job Title “Analyst”

There are very few jobs out there where the word economist appears in the title.  Most have the word analyst, for example, data analyst, financial analyst, business analyst, etc.  Because people don’t have economist in their job title it causes some people to think that employers don’t want to  hire economics majors – UNTRUE.

5.  A small sample of Companies Coming to Campus  to Interview Economics Majors

International Paper

Save-A-Lot, Ltd.

Consolidated Graphics

AM SouthBank

Ford Motor Co. (Credit Division)

The Winery of Ernest & Julio Gallo

Sherwin-Williams Paints