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Department of Economics
University of Mississippi

Financial Econ Emphasis

The purpose of the Financial Economics emphasis is to provide a well-rounded background in monetary and financial institutions as well as the various different types of financial instruments that populate modern financial markets.  The emphasis will not only teach students about corporate finance, portfolio theory, and asset pricing, but also about monetary and financial history and institutions.  An additional benefit of the program is that it will help students to develop quantitative economic reasoning and help prepare them for a career in policy, banking, and research.  This emphasis is available to B.A. and B.S. economics majors.

Those who complete the coursework will have an acknowledgement that their degree has an emphasis in financial economics printed on their transcript.

This is an optional emphasis without an application process.  It is open any economics major interested in a career in banking, finance, financial regulation, public policy, or related fields.  Students can opt-in by following the course plan. The course requirements are as follows:

  • Econ 303 Money and Banking
  • Econ 410 Financial Economics
  • Econ 411 Asset Pricing
  • Econ 412 Financial Econometrics
  • Econ 425 American Financial History

Please contact Josh Hendrickson ( or Ron Mau ( with any questions.