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Department of Economics
University of Mississippi

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill headshotSenior VP, Senior Quantitative Model Development Manager, Truist

MA in Economics (2011)
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Why/when did you decide to study economics at UM?
I decided to study economics at UM because I was fascinated with the field of econometrics.  After completing undergraduate education in 2009, I was seeking a program that had faculty members who published in top journals coupled with the right faculty to student ratio.

What were some significant experiences or fond memories of your time at UM?
I enjoyed each class I took in the graduate program.  Also, the small class size really enabled each student to get to know the professors.  As such, I was able to complete my thesis under the guidance of Walt Mayer, who has since retired.  In addition, I would spend many afternoons reading papers in the Grove!

Please describe your educational/career path since graduation from UM.
After completing my MA in Economics, I was hired by former UM Economist and co-founder of FNC, Bob Dorsey, to work in a small R&D group.  While employed by FNC, I sharpened my computer programming skills and focused entirely on time series econometric modeling.  I moved to Atlanta in 2014 and since then have worked at Bank of America and Truist Financial.  I am currently SVP Quantitative Model Development Manager, where my team focuses on developing econometric models to assess a variety of risks for the bank.

What is the value of studying economics in today’s world?
Economics is a perfect field to study for today’s rapidly changing world.  You will obtain useful tools to obtain employment in a large array of careers.  Economics will position anyone for a strong career in policy, quantitative finance (whether hedge funds, big banks, or smaller trading firms), data science/machine learning careers, and many more.