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Department of Economics

University of Mississippi

Pirie Maher, Economics Student Ambassador

Pirie Maher, Student Ambassador for the Department of Economics
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Pirie is an ace student and a born leader. A double major in philosophy and economics, she is Vice President of Philanthropy for the UM College Panhellenic, which governs over the entire sorority community of about 4,000 women and she served as a freshman council member of the UM Associated Student Body. She’s been on the Chancellor’s Honor roll for three years.


Student Profile

Why did you decide to double major in philosophy and economics?
Economics has always been my favorite subject, and I had a pre-existing interest in philosophy. After I took an intro course in philosophy, just a few weeks into my Philosophy 101 class, I decided to add it as a major.

Why did you pick UM?
Both philosophy and economics are small programs at UM. This is such a plus. Professors recognize me and know my name. Because the class sizes are small, you really get to know your classmates. These majors are the hidden gems of the university.

What are your career goals?
I’m in the process of applying to law school for fall 2020. I’m from the Midwest, and I’d like to go back and serve my community.

Have you been involved in community service at UM?
I’m the director of the Care Walk for fall 2019, and we’re expecting to raise over $40,000 for breast cancer awareness at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford.

What’s your go-to meal in Oxford?
The turkey dinner at Ajax Diner with mashed potatoes and broccoli rice casserole!

What are you binge watching?
Madame Secretary or Gossip Girl.