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Department of Economics
University of Mississippi

Working Papers

Author Paper Title Date Added
Hendrickson, Joshua R. The Treasury Standard: Causes and Consequences 3/14/24
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Bitcoin: What Does Mainstream Economics Have to Say? 3/1/24
Hendrickson, Joshua R. The Case for Nominal GDP Level Targeting 2/23/24
Hendrickson, Joshua R. As Good as Gold? A Framework for Analyzing Redeemable Paper Money 12/15/23
Rich, Kenneth M. Interest Rates, Money, and Fed Monetary Policy in a Markov-Switching Bayesian VAR 11/30/22
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Ronald Mau If it were a snake, it would have bitten you: Money in the New Keynesian Model 11/28/22
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Is the Quantity Theory Dead? Lessons from the Pandemic 11/28/22
Rich, Kenneth M. Measuring the Effects of Fiscal Policy Shocks on U.S. Output in a Markov-Switching Bayesian VAR 8/29/22
Garrett, Thomas, David Paton, and Leighton Vaughan Williams Financial Transaction Taxes and Market Structure: Lessons from the Gambling Industry 8/1/22
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and William Luther The Value of Bitcoin in the Year 2141 (and Beyond!) 5/15/21
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Ronald Mau An Economic Analysis of the Elimination of the Individual Income Tax in Mississippi 3/5/21
Van Boening, Mark and Alexandros Vasios Sivvopoulos Multi-Offer Litigation: An Empirical Analysis of Alternative Mechanisms 1/18/21
Hendrickson, Joshua R. How Much is it Worth to Prevent a Pandemic? A Simple Rule-of-Thumb for Policymakers 10/2/20
Boateng, Kwabena and Joshua R. Hendrickson How Did the Gold Standard Really Work? A Comparison of the Price-Specie-Flow Mechanism and the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments 1/14/20
Mau, Ronald Bond Pricing and Business Cycles with Central Bank Asset Purchases 12/4/20
Mau, Ronald and Mikheil Dvalishvili Optimal Monetary Policy with an Occasionally Binding ZLB and Central Bank Asset Purchases 09/22/20
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Usury Enforcement as an Alternative to Capital Taxation in Pre-Modern States 07/15/20
Mau, Ronald What’s in a Name? Purchases and Sales of Financial Assets As a Monetary Policy Instrument 3/29/20
Hendrickson, Joshua R. U.S. Maritime Policy and Economic Efficiency 11/13/19
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Competitively-Issued Convertible Bank Notes in a Theory of Finance: Earl Thompson Meets Fischer Black 3/29/19
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and William J. Luther Cash, Crime, and Cryptocurrencies 2/25/19
Albrecht, Brian C., Joshua R. Hendrickson, and Alexander William Salter Evolution, Uncertainty, and the Asymptotic Efficiency of Policy 10/1/18
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Commodity Money, Free Banking, and Nominal Income Targeting: Lessons for Monetary Policy Reform 10/1/18
Garrett, Thomas A., David Paton, and Leighton Vaughan Williams How Should Gambling Machines Be Taxed? 9/25/18
Brunt, Christopher S., Joshua R. Hendrickson, and John R. Bowblis Primary Care Competition and Quality of Care: Empirical Evidence from Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System 8/23/18
Park, Jaevin Inside Money, Business Cycle, and Bank Capital Requirements 5/4/18
Park, Jaevin Scarcity of Assets, Private Information, and the Liquidity Trap 5/4/18
Kang, Hyunju, Jaevin Park, and Hyunduk Suh Business Cycle, Great Recession and Part-time Jobs 5/4/18
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Jaevin Park Breaking the Curse of Cash 4/11/18
Hendrickson, Joshua R. The Riksbank, Emergency Finance, Policy Experimentation, and Sweden’s Reversal of Fortune 3/9/18
Garrett, Thomas A. and Mark W. Nichols The Behavior of Casino Gaming Revenue over the Business Cycle Considering Alternative Measures of “Income” 12/1/17
Garrett, Thomas A. An Evaluation of Ad Valorem and Unit Taxes on Casino Gambling 11/29/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Monetary Search, Proportional Transaction Costs, and the Currency Equivalent Index 10/2/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter Options to the Realm: A Cost Neutral Proposal to Improve Political Incentives 7/14/17
Gardner, John and Joshua R. Hendrickson Staying When the Going Gets Tough: The Equivalent Predictions of Option and Search Theory on Migration During Economic Downturns 5/8/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Interest on Reserves, Settlement, and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy 4/14/17
Beckworth, David and Joshua R. Hendrickson Transaction Asset Shortages 4/14/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. William McKinley, Fat Tails, Optimal Reneging, and the Spanish-American War 3/5/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Military Technology and Economic Growth 2/15/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. The Bullionist Controversy: Theory and New Evidence 12/16/16
Belongia, Michael T., Robert E. Dorsey, and Randall S. Sexton Monetary Control and an Objective of Price Stability: Evidence from a Neural Network 12/16/16
Brunt, Christopher S. and Joshua R. Hendrickson Do Physicians Engage in Offsetting Behavior? Empirical Evidence from Medicare Part B 11/29/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and William J. Luther Banning Bitcoin 10/12/16
Cheng, Cheng, Walter J. Mayer, and Yanling Mayer The Effect of Legalizing Retail Marijuana on Housing Values:
Evidence from Colorado
Gardner, John and Joshua R. Hendrickson If I Leave Here Tomorrow: An Option View of Migration When Labor Market Quality Declines 9/9/16
Beckworth, David and Joshua R. Hendrickson Nominal GDP Targeting and the Taylor Rule on an Even Playing Field 6/7/16
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland Targeting Constant Money Growth at the Zero Lower Bound 5/31/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R., Alexander William Salter, and Brian C. Albrecht Preventing Plunder: National Defense, Capital Taxation, and Economic Development 5/25/16
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland Circumventing the Zero Lower Bound with Monetary Policy Rules Based on Money 5/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. An Evaluation of Friedman’s Monetary Instability Hypothesis 5/4/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Jurg Niehans and the Cashless Economy 4/8/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. An Option Approach to Public Infrastructure Investment 3/11/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Interest Rates and Investment Coordination Failures 3/10/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. What Cosmo Kramer Can Teach Us About Optimal Stopping Times 2/21/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter A Theory of Why the Ruthless Revolt 2/20/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter Money, Liquidity, and the Structure of Production 2/10/16
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland Money and Output: Friedman and Schwartz Revisited 12/15
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter The Constitution of a Financial System 10/28/15
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland The Evolution of U.S. Monetary Policy 8/15
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Interest Rates, Policy Uncertainty, and Investment 6/18/15
Garrett, Thomas A. The (Aggregate) Demand for State Lottery Tickets: What Have We Really Learned? 08/31/15
Holt, Harlan and Joshua R. Hendrickson Turning Pink Slips into Red Tape: The Unintended Effects of Employee Protection Legislation 01/26/15
Holt, Harlan Insiders and the 2008 Stock Market Crash 01/23/15
Garrett, Thomas A. and Natalia A. Kolesnikova “Local Price Variation and the Income Elasticity of Demand for Lottery Tickets” 08/08/14
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and David Beckworth “The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission” 9/25/13
Hendrickson, Joshua R. “Interest on Reserves, Settlement, and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy” 9/23/13
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Contingent Liability, Capital Requirements, and Financial Reform 7/30/13
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Redundancy Or Mismeasurement? A Reappraisal of Money 5/1/13
Mayer, Walter J. and Chen Wu A Maximum Score Test for Binary Response Models 4/4/13
Garrett, Thomas A. and Gary A. Wagner Is There a Public Sector Union Premium on State Debt? 1/14/13
Garrett, Thomas A. and Howard J. Wall Personal-Bankruptcy Cycles 1/14/13
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter Ireland A “Working” Solution to the Question of Nominal GDP Targeting 1/11/13
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter Ireland Quantitative Easing: Interest Rates and Money in the Measurement of Monetary Policy 1/11/13
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter Ireland The Barnett Critique After Three Decades: A New Keynesian Analysis 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl The Use of Eminent Domain in Land Assembly: The Case of the Tennessee Valley
Kitchens, Carl Swat That Mosquito: Estimating the Decline of Malaria in Georgia, 1937 – 1947 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl and Alex Roomets Dealing with Eminent Domain 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl A Dam Problem: TVA’s Fight Against Malaria 1926-1951 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl Identifying Change in the Spatial Distribution of Crime: Evidence from a Referee Experiment in the National Football League 1/11/13