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Department of Economics
University of Mississippi

Working Papers

Author Paper Title Date Added
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Ronald Mau An Economic Analysis of the Elimination of the Individual Income Tax in Mississippi 3/5/21
Van Boening, Mark and Alexandros Vasios Sivvopoulos Multi-Offer Litigation: An Empirical Analysis of Alternative Mechanisms 1/18/21
Boateng, Kwabena and Joshua R. Hendrickson How Did the Gold Standard Really Work? A Comparison of the Price-Specie-Flow Mechanism and the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments 1/14/20
Mau, Ronald Bond Pricing and Business Cycles with Central Bank Asset Purchases 12/4/20
Mau, Ronald and Mikheil Dvalishvili Optimal Monetary Policy with an Occasionally Binding ZLB and Central Bank Asset Purchases 09/22/20
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Usury Enforcement as an Alternative to Capital Taxation in Pre-Modern States 07/15/20
Mau, Ronald What’s in a Name? Purchases and Sales of Financial Assets As a Monetary Policy Instrument 3/29/20
Hendrickson, Joshua R. U.S. Maritime Policy and Economic Efficiency 11/13/19
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Competitively-Issued Convertible Bank Notes in a Theory of Finance: Earl Thompson Meets Fischer Black 3/29/19
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and William J. Luther Cash, Crime, and Cryptocurrencies 2/25/19
Albrecht, Brian C., Joshua R. Hendrickson, and Alexander William Salter Evolution, Uncertainty, and the Asymptotic Efficiency of Policy 10/1/18
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Commodity Money, Free Banking, and Nominal Income Targeting: Lessons for Monetary Policy Reform 10/1/18
Garrett, Thomas A., David Paton, and Leighton Vaughan Williams How Should Gambling Machines Be Taxed? 9/25/18
Brunt, Christopher S., Joshua R. Hendrickson, and John R. Bowblis Primary Care Competition and Quality of Care: Empirical Evidence from Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System 8/23/18
Park, Jaevin Inside Money, Business Cycle, and Bank Capital Requirements 5/4/18
Park, Jaevin Scarcity of Assets, Private Information, and the Liquidity Trap 5/4/18
Kang, Hyunju, Jaevin Park, and Hyunduk Suh Business Cycle, Great Recession and Part-time Jobs 5/4/18
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Jaevin Park Breaking the Curse of Cash 4/11/18
Hendrickson, Joshua R. The Riksbank, Emergency Finance, Policy Experimentation, and Sweden’s Reversal of Fortune 3/9/18
Garrett, Thomas A. and Mark W. Nichols The Behavior of Casino Gaming Revenue over the Business Cycle Considering Alternative Measures of “Income” 12/1/17
Garrett, Thomas A. An Evaluation of Ad Valorem and Unit Taxes on Casino Gambling 11/29/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Monetary Search, Proportional Transaction Costs, and the Currency Equivalent Index 10/2/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter Options to the Realm: A Cost Neutral Proposal to Improve Political Incentives 7/14/17
Gardner, John and Joshua R. Hendrickson Staying When the Going Gets Tough: The Equivalent Predictions of Option and Search Theory on Migration During Economic Downturns 5/8/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Interest on Reserves, Settlement, and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy 4/14/17
Beckworth, David and Joshua R. Hendrickson Transaction Asset Shortages 4/14/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. William McKinley, Fat Tails, Optimal Reneging, and the Spanish-American War 3/5/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Military Technology and Economic Growth 2/15/17
Hendrickson, Joshua R. The Bullionist Controversy: Theory and New Evidence 12/16/16
Belongia, Michael T., Robert E. Dorsey, and Randall S. Sexton Monetary Control and an Objective of Price Stability: Evidence from a Neural Network 12/16/16
Brunt, Christopher S. and Joshua R. Hendrickson Do Physicians Engage in Offsetting Behavior? Empirical Evidence from Medicare Part B 11/29/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and William J. Luther Banning Bitcoin 10/12/16
Cheng, Cheng, Walter J. Mayer, and Yanling Mayer The Effect of Legalizing Retail Marijuana on Housing Values:
Evidence from Colorado
Gardner, John and Joshua R. Hendrickson If I Leave Here Tomorrow: An Option View of Migration When Labor Market Quality Declines 9/9/16
Beckworth, David and Joshua R. Hendrickson Nominal GDP Targeting and the Taylor Rule on an Even Playing Field 6/7/16
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland Targeting Constant Money Growth at the Zero Lower Bound 5/31/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R., Alexander William Salter, and Brian C. Albrecht Preventing Plunder: National Defense, Capital Taxation, and Economic Development 5/25/16
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland Circumventing the Zero Lower Bound with Monetary Policy Rules Based on Money 5/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. An Evaluation of Friedman’s Monetary Instability Hypothesis 5/4/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Jurg Niehans and the Cashless Economy 4/8/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. An Option Approach to Public Infrastructure Investment 3/11/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Interest Rates and Investment Coordination Failures 3/10/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. What Cosmo Kramer Can Teach Us About Optimal Stopping Times 2/21/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter A Theory of Why the Ruthless Revolt 2/20/16
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter Money, Liquidity, and the Structure of Production 2/10/16
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland Money and Output: Friedman and Schwartz Revisited 12/15
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and Alexander William Salter The Constitution of a Financial System 10/28/15
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter N. Ireland The Evolution of U.S. Monetary Policy 8/15
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Interest Rates, Policy Uncertainty, and Investment 6/18/15
Garrett, Thomas A. The (Aggregate) Demand for State Lottery Tickets: What Have We Really Learned? 08/31/15
Holt, Harlan and Joshua R. Hendrickson Turning Pink Slips into Red Tape: The Unintended Effects of Employee Protection Legislation 01/26/15
Holt, Harlan Insiders and the 2008 Stock Market Crash 01/23/15
Garrett, Thomas A. and Natalia A. Kolesnikova “Local Price Variation and the Income Elasticity of Demand for Lottery Tickets” 08/08/14
Hendrickson, Joshua R. and David Beckworth “The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission” 9/25/13
Hendrickson, Joshua R. “Interest on Reserves, Settlement, and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy” 9/23/13
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Contingent Liability, Capital Requirements, and Financial Reform 7/30/13
Hendrickson, Joshua R. Redundancy Or Mismeasurement? A Reappraisal of Money 5/1/13
Mayer, Walter J. and Chen Wu A Maximum Score Test for Binary Response Models 4/4/13
Garrett, Thomas A. and Gary A. Wagner Is There a Public Sector Union Premium on State Debt? 1/14/13
Garrett, Thomas A. and Howard J. Wall Personal-Bankruptcy Cycles 1/14/13
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter Ireland A “Working” Solution to the Question of Nominal GDP Targeting 1/11/13
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter Ireland Quantitative Easing: Interest Rates and Money in the Measurement of Monetary Policy 1/11/13
Belongia, Michael T. and Peter Ireland The Barnett Critique After Three Decades: A New Keynesian Analysis 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl The Use of Eminent Domain in Land Assembly: The Case of the Tennessee Valley
Kitchens, Carl Swat That Mosquito: Estimating the Decline of Malaria in Georgia, 1937 – 1947 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl and Alex Roomets Dealing with Eminent Domain 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl A Dam Problem: TVA’s Fight Against Malaria 1926-1951 1/11/13
Kitchens, Carl Identifying Change in the Spatial Distribution of Crime: Evidence from a Referee Experiment in the National Football League 1/11/13