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Department of Economics
University of Mississippi

Previous Seminars

Fall 2022

October 21
Ariell Zimran, Vanderbilt University

October 28
Jonathan Williams, University of North Carolina

November 4
Aaron Hedlund, Purdue University

November 11
Jason Choi, University of Wisconsin

December 2
Lawrence Ogbeifun, University of Mississippi

Spring 2023

March 24
Tim Hubbard, Colby College

March 31
Jane Ryngaert, University of Notre Dame

April 14
Kevin Williams, Yale University

April 21
Jason Imbrogno, University of North Alabama

Fall 2021

September 24
Ennio Piano, Middle Tennessee State University

October 22
Bright Osei, University of Mississippi

October 29
Andreas Vortisch, University of Mississippi

December 3
Harry Anthony Patrinos, World Bank

Spring 2022

March 4
Todd Jones, Mississippi State University

April 1
Rob Reed, University of Alabama

Fall 2019

October 17 (*Thursday*)
“The Effect of Police Officer Race on Use of Force”
Mark Hoekstra, Texas A&M University

October 25
“Investment Without Coordination Failures”
Brian Albrecht, University of Minnesota

November 1
“Pretextual Traffic Stops and Racial Disparities in their Use”
Matthew Makofske, Murray State University

November 15
“Should Central Banks Issue Digital Currency?”
Todd Keister, Rutgers University

Spring 2020

February 21
“Nonparametric multi-dimensional fixed effects panel data models”
Daniel Henderson, University of Alabama

Remaining seminars cancelled due to Covid-19…

Fall 2018

October 12
“Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Interest on Reserves and Monetary Policy”
David VanHoose, Baylor University

October 19
“A Three-State Rational Greater-Fool Bubble with Intertemporal Consumption Smoothing”
Joey White, University of Mississippi

October 26
John Gibson, Georgia State University

November 9
Howard Bodenhorn, Clemson University

Spring 2019

Job Market Candidates

April 26
Jamein Cunningham, University of Memphis

Fall 2017

October 6
“Diffusion of New Technology in European and American Coal Mines, 1850 – 1914”
John Murray, Rhodes College

October 13, 20, 27
“Real Analysis for Economists”
John Conlon, University of Mississippi

November 3
“Should Central Banks Burst Asset Bubbles? The Welfare Effects of Anti-Bubble Policy”
Harlan Holt, Union College

November 10
“The Effects of Highly-Publicized Police Use-of-Force on Policing, Trust, and Crime: Evidence from Ferguson”
Cheng Cheng, University of Mississippi

December 1
Stephen Williamson, University of Western Ontario

Spring 2018

February 2
“Central Bank Purchases of Private Assets: An Evaluation”
Kee-youn Kang, Yonsei University

February 9
“Improving the Power of Predictive Accuracy Tests”
Feng Liu, University of Mississippi

March 2
“A Model of Monetary Policy Shocks for Financial Crises and Normal Conditions”
A. Lee Smith, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

March 23
“In-State College Enrollment and Later Life Location Decisions”
John Winters, Oklahoma State University

April 6
“Community Development by Public Wealth Accumulation”
Stephen Coate, Cornell University

April 20
“Breaking the Curse of Cash”
Jaevin Park, University of Mississippi

April 27
“Perfectly Rational Fool’s Bubbles”
Anthony Doblas-Madrid, Michigan State

Fall 2016

October 7
“Are Supply Shocks Contractionary at the ZLB? Evidence from Utilization-Adjusted TFP Data”
Robert Lester, Colby College

October 21
“Autocratic Rule and Social Capital: Evidence from Imperial China”
Mark Koyama, George Mason University

November 11
“The Simplest Rational Greater-Fool Bubble Model”
Feng Liu, University of Mississippi

Spring 2017

February 17
“A Simple Dynastic Economy with Parental Time Investment in Children’s Patience”
Hyun Park, Kyung Hee University

February 24
Alexandros Vasios-Sivvopoulos, University of Mississippi

March 31
Jeremiah Wills, University of Mississippi

April 7
“Uncertain Taxes and the Effects of Repatriation Tax Proposals”
Julio Garin, University of Georgia

April 21
Lewis Warren, Census Bureau

May 5
Joey White, University of Mississippi

Fall 2015

September 25
“Roy-Model Bounds on Differential Treatment Effects”
John Gardner, University of Mississippi

October 2
“The Output and Welfare Effects of Government Spending Shocks over the Business Cycle”
Eric Sims, University of Notre Dame

October 16
“Determinants of Trade Margins: Insights Using State Export Data”
Cletus Coughlin, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

October 30
“Do the Federal Reserve Announcements Actually Reveal New Information? A Short Sales Perspective Before and After the Great Recession”
Guo Kai, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

November 20
Gary Madden, Curtin University

Spring 2016

Job candidates

March 4
“The Long-run Effect of Teacher Collective Bargaining on Educational Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes”
Michael Lovenheim, Cornell University

March 11
“Mandatory Disclosure and Financial Contagion”
Gadi Barlevy, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

April 8
“Banker Preferences, Interbank Connections, and the Enduring Structure of the Federal Reserve System”
David Wheelock, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

May 6
“What’s In Your Portfolio? How Parents Rank Traditional Public, Private, and Charter Schools in Post-Katrina New Orleans’ Citywide System of School Choice”
Jason Imbrogno, University of North Alabama

FALL 2014

September 12
“The effect of homeownership on unemployment: Outcomes and implications”
George Mawuli Akpandjar, University of Mississippi

September 19
“Are You Hiring Johnny Football or Johnny Doe? The Effects of Uncertain Labor Quality on Employer Monopsony in College Football”
Matthew Makofske, University of Mississippi

September 26
“Does Religiosity Matter to People’s Generosity and Their Responsiveness to Charitable Solicitation?”
Yan Li, University of Mississippi

October 10
“Collateral Damage: Housing, Entrepreneurship, and Job Creation”
Ryan Decker, University of Maryland

October 17
“Insider Trading and the 2008 Stock Market Crash”
Harlan Holt, University of Mississippi

October 24
“War, Money, and Economy: Economic Performance in the Fed and pre-Fed Periods”
Thomas Hogan, Troy University

November 14
“The Impact of Contracting-out Student Transportation on Costs”
Conrad Puozaa, University of Mississippi

December 5
“Analysis of Excess Zeros, Sample Selection, and Endogenous Binary Indicator in an Ordinal Response Outcome Model, with an Application to First Marriage, Smoking and Drinking”
Lateef Subair, University of Mississippi


February 20
“Treatment Choice Dynamics with Insurance Mandates: The Case of In Vitro Fertilization”
Juan Pantano, Washington University in St. Louis

February 27
Roger Farmer, UCLA

April 24
Matej Drev, Georgia Tech

May 1
“Decentralization and Growth: Do Informal Institutions and Rule of Law Matter?”
Luciano Mauro, Universita di Trieste

FALL 2013

September 13
Carl Kitchens, University of Mississippi

September 20
“Payment Generosity and Physician Acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid Patients”
Christopher Brunt, Georgia Southern University

September 27
“Interest on Reserves, Settlement, and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy”
Josh Hendrickson, University of Mississippi

October 4
“Immigration Policy and Counterterrorism”
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

November 1
“An Alternative to CAPM”
John Conlon, University of Mississippi

November 8
“A Poll Tax by any Other Name: The Political Economy of Disenfranchisement in the Post-Reconstruction South”
Randall Walsh, University of Pittsburgh

November 15
“Implementing Stochastic Semi-Nonparametric Tests for Weak Separability to Define Money: An Empirical Study on U.S. Data”
Ryan Mattson, Rhodes College

December 6
“Cryptocurrencies, Network Effects, and Switching Costs”
William Luther, Kenyon College


March 19
Nicolas Ziebarth, University of Iowa

March 28
“Alternative Tests for Correct Specification of Conditional Predictive Densities”
Tatevik Sekhposyan, Bank of Canada

April 4
“Culture and the Cost of Contract Enforcement”
Claudia Williamson, Mississippi State University

April 11
“It’s Getting Hot in Here: The Effects of Ambient Temperature on Seasonal Birth Rates”
Alan Barreca, Tulane University

April 25
“Scarce Collateral, the Term Premium, and Quantitative Easing”
Stephen Williamson, Washington University in St. Louis

May 2
“The Effects of Minimum Salaries on Career Length: Evidence from the National Football League”
Johnny Ducking, North Carolina A&T

FALL 2012

September 7
“Buyer Heterogeneity Reduces the Gain from Quantity Discounts”
John R. Conlon, University of Mississippi

September 14
“Selection Bias Reversal in Maternity Insurance Coverage”
John E. Murray, Rhodes College

September 21
“ Sparking Fertility: The Rural Electrification Administration and Fertility in the United States 1930-1940”
Carl Kitchens, University of Mississippi

September 28
“Transaction Asset Shortages” (co-authored with David Beckworth)
Joshua R. Hendrickson, University of Mississippi

October 5
“Possible Experiments in Money as Memory”
Joshua Hendrickson, University of Mississippi and Mark Van Boening, University of Mississippi

October 12
No seminar

October 19
“Are Children Normal?”
Natalia Kolesnikova, University of Mississippi

October 26
“An Alternating-Offers Model of Multilateral Negotiations”
Charles Thomas, Economic Science Institute, Chapman University

November 2
No seminar

November 9
“Measuring the Capitalization of School Quality into Housing Prices: a Spatial Approach”
Jonathan Taylor Smith, University of Mississippi

“Corruption and Re-election Chances of incumbent Parties in Developing Countries”
Mavuto Kalulu, University of Mississippi

November 16
Southern Economic Association meetings, New Orleans LA

November 30
“The impact of price fairness on buyer behavior in bi-lateral negotiations”
Eric Cardella, Rochester Institute of Technology


January 29
“In Search of the Multiplier for Federal Spending in the States During the New Deal”
Price Fishback, University of Arizona

February 8
“Bartering Games in a Kolm Triangle”
Matt Van Essen, University of Alabama

February 22
Laurence Ball, Johns Hopkins University

March 8
“Information Disclosure and Exchange Media”
David Andolfatto, St. Louis Federal Reserve

April 5
Jonathan Fox, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

April 19
“Costly Voluntary Disclosure in a Screening Game”
Mark Van Boening, University of Mississippi

April 26
“Unemployment, Financial Frictions, and the Housing Market”
Guillaume Rocheteau, University of California-Irvine

May 3
“Are Pink Slips Better than Flu Shots? The Effects of Employment Rates on Influenza”
Joshua Robinson, University of Alabama Birmingham